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Top four sites.

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The NZ-based pro-active site that three mothers started that works to put like-minded people together. They offer excellent at least once a week webinars with top doctors and scientists from around the world.   UK-based investigative journalism that has succinct well-researched articles with most of its data coming from the UK seems to be far more reliable than from the CDC in the USA. A USA-based program that has weekly videos that are usually very well done featuring top experts mostly from the States. The Presenter can be a bit flamboyant, (passionate) but does an excellent job of eliciting pertinent information from his guest  This is a mainstream site that follows medical trials and offers information on them. ( you may need to pay a monthly fee)

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Other very good sites.
   (no particular order)
All the below sites cover different topics so you may want to put Covid into the search engine to see the latest news and they all offer free subscriptions with regular e-mail updates. You may find interest in the other topics especially if you mostly just use MSM. Of course, I do not agree with everything they post, I try to source information from a variety of sources before coming to conclusions. –   #1 Natural Health Website   A physician in the USA  The UK is based with a broad spectrum of information   Professor in the USA may have some controversial articles   This is  run by the nephew of President JFK  A more intellectually oriented site A Christian-oriented site.  Long-established Canadian based platform from a professor   India based with often very interesting and thorough research  Definitely some non-MS-news here A medical doctor with  layman-friendly articles 

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