To All the Parents out There

All the literature says “HEALTHY CHILDREN HAVE A zero PERCENT CHANCE of dying from Covid, the CDC admits the vaccines don’t work and front-line doctors state the sickest patients are the vaccinated.   I beg of you don’t let these psychopaths near your child, trust no one, do your own investigation. Google, Bing and  Wikipedia are owned by Big Business use alternative search engines like duckduckgo or Yandex.com.  YOU DO NOT WANT TO KNOW WHAT IT IS LIKE TO LOSE  A CHILD. I lost my son Eric only six weeks ago and the pain is beyond words and I can’t imagine what it would be like if I had actually caused his death.

The insanity of vaccinating young people

“Jacinda, why are you pushing experimental vaccines on children when the data from around the world when properly analyzed shows ZERO or near-zero deaths from Covid with minimal if any symptoms?” Reportedly gives them lifelong immunity to all forms of SARS-CoV-2(Covid), also when the CDC admits the Pfizer vaccine “DOES NOT WORK” anyway. The reported consequences of the vaccines can be horrific, Jacinda: “how many Maddie de Garay’s can you live with.” “See Video below.” What is the point if the vaccine is useless in preventing Covid and reportsthat it actually makes Covid more severe and deadly. Nobody knows the long term effects and predictions from top experts in their field are horrific.

Manipulation Covid statistics of Children

The Warnings are clear: Vaccinating Kids for Covid is a danagerous gamble

Of course, I can not verify any of these, but why would anyone want to make these up.

Under no circumstances should anyone under 30 consider the Covid Vaccine. It’s just not safe

UK’s vaccine advisory body REFUSES to approve Covid jabs for healthy 12- to 15-year-olds