My Story

Thank you for visiting the site, first of all, I am not anti-vaccine I am only anti-this vaccine and I have put together this site to explain why. I was incensed when I heard of the criminality to vaccinate the children against the prevailing science and that is what drove me to create this site. I like everyone else involved with this movement have nothing to gain (and much to lose) except our moral integrity. It is my hope my humble effort will prevent pain and suffering and even death for some and those that love them. I am from the USA where so much of the treachery of all of this comes from and understand how nefarious and incestuous the government and Big-business, big Media (Big-pharma) can be.

I know the pain of the loss of a loved one all too well, as I lost a little sister, (Carol) who was more like a daughter to me, to a drunk driver, and recently a son (Eric) to PTSD and alcohol. Eric had been a police officer and won the department’s Life-Saving Award so many years in a row his supervisor informed Eric they were going to give it to someone else to keep up morale. When the officer accepted the reward he said “This is bullshit, it is Eric who told him exactly what to do”… It is my hope I can “follow in my son’s “footsteps” and may help save some lives and I think of his courage and love when I tire of my task.


All the literature says “HEALTHY CHILDREN HAVE A 0 PERCENT CHANCE of dying from Covid, the CDC admits the vaccines don’t work and front-line doctors state the sickest patients are vaccinated.   I beg of you don’t let these psychopaths near your child, trust no one, do your own investigation. Google, Bing, and  Wikipedia are owned by Big Business use alternative search engines like duckduckgo or  YOU DO NOT WANT TO KNOW WHAT IT IS LIKE TO LOSE  A CHILD. I lost my son Eric only six weeks ago and the pain is beyond words and I can’t imagine what it would be like if I had actually caused his death.